Book Excerpt from “Just Bill” by Barry Knister

PREFACE Back in the animal shelter, he resumes a life of sordid, empty days. Dogs come and go. Filling the hours, a welter of sensory overload gives way to boredom. Harsh Florida sun hangs all day in front of his crate; at night, shards of lightning stab down through the skylight. Being brought back this [...]

Author Profile: Barry Knister

Along with his own blog (, and his novel about dogs, Just Bill,Barry Knister writes a weekly column for the Florida-based news publication, The Naples Daily News. His first novel, a thriller titled The Dating Service was published by Berkley. His third novel, Blue Sky Six—another thriller—will be published as an ebook later this year. Q. Why did you decide to [...]

Grief Counseling

by Guest Blogger Barry Knister In my novel Just Bill, a sick dog serves as the catalyst for a revived sense of purpose and meaning in the lives of four people. The book thereby dramatizes how, with the exception of our children, it’s dogs who give us the chance in a tough world to be [...]

Upstairs, Downstairs

by Guest Blogger Barry Knister My second novel, Just Bill, deals with the special importance dogs hold for those in need: the elderly, the very young, those who grieve. The only connection this has with what follows is that a dog figures. Season two of “Downton Abbey” recently ended, and my wife and I are [...]


by Guest Blogger Barry Knister According to the American Pet Association, 45 million people own 78.2 million dogs in the United States. 32 million of these people buy Christmas gifts for their pets, and ten million celebrate their dogs’ birthdays. Half of all dog owners consider their pets to be family members. 63% of all [...]

The Joy of the Hunt: Researching the Historical Novel

by Guest Blogger B. N. Peacock Picture this: a beautiful blue sky, the sound of the surf, and a leisurely discussion about the history of the place given by knowledgeable natives over some margaritas. Sounds like a great way to begin the background research for your novel, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not the whole picture. This is not to [...]

It All Depends On How You Look at Things

by Guest Blogger B.N. Peacock There’s an old children’s book entitled The Churkengoose, a funny tale about a bird part chicken, part turkey, part goose, and part duck. A memorable line from the book is “It all depends on how you look at things.” I adopted this premise in writing A Tainted Dawn and developing the book’s three [...]

Don’t Give Up the Ship

by Guest Blogger B.N. Peacock We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight. . . we shall never surrender. –Winston Churchill, 4 June 1940. While it may seem a gross overstatement to compare writing to winning the Battle of Britain, anyauthor will tell you both share one thing in [...]

Book Excerpt from “A Tainted Dawn” by B.N. Peacock

CHAPTER ONE Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive / But to be young was very heaven! –William Wordsworth, The Prelude, xi. 1, 108. Even in August London streets could be clogged. Two drivers locked the wheels of their dray carts, blocking the turn from Piccadilly to Old Bond Street. Hoping to profit from the stalled traffic, boys [...]

Author Profile: B.N. Peacock

B. N. Peacock has loved history, writing, and the sea since childhood. A debut historical short story won honorable mention in a Read Magazinenational writing contest. Several careers later, the author extensively researched here and abroad the background for this, the first of a series of five books. B. N. Peacock is also a regular contributor to [...]